3rd Annual Energy Storage Policy Forum

The Energy Storage Policy Forum continues to host the most important policy conversations that promote competitive and reliable storage across the United States. 


2017 is a critical year for energy policy. The new Administration and Congress bring with it a new focus and new opportunities. Impending transitions at FERC, DOE, EPA, and other agencies have significant ramifications for the continued growth of energy storage. As the power sector continues its transformation, regional markets and states are driving the energy dialogue, creating new and innovative market opportunities for competitive energy storage systems.

Featuring nationally-recognized policymakers and energy thought leaders, ESA's Policy Forum convenes a select audience of stakeholders from across the energy ecosystem - including state and federal regulators, policymakers, storage industry members, utility decision makers, and power sector stakeholders.

At the 2016 Energy Storage Policy Forum, keynotes addresses by NYSERDA’s Richard Kauffman and Senator Martin Heinrich topped a day of discussion on storage in wholesale market operations, PUC activities, state legislation, and future tax regimes. Since then, over a dozen states have undertaken policy activities on energy storage, FERC has opened several storage-related dockets, and several bills have been filed in Congress.

The 2017 Policy Forum promises to build on these exciting developments to help guide one of the most interesting and important conversations in the electric sector today.

The Energy Storage Policy Forum continues to provide value by hosting interactive workshops that empower participants to develop actionable roadmaps and policy solutions to challenges facing the electric sector.

During the 2017 Policy Forum, held at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, D.C., ESA will preview the Energy Storage State Policy Toolkit – foundational guidance for state policymakers and clean energy advocates on how to develop and implement effective energy storage regulations and laws.

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